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HoneyBees Bingo Review

Unfortunately HoneyBees Bingo is now closed, but there's no need to worry! Check out hundreds of alternative bingo sites at New-OnlineBingoSites.co.uk!

Online since: 2015

A big dollop of honey is the order of the day with HoneyBees Bingo, a Live Bingo Network site that was founded in 2015. Despite not being the newest kid on the block, so to speak, this website still looks as fresh as the flowers its bees pollinate. This in turn means that we’re more likely to invest time (and money) into joining, with the added knowledge of Cozy Games as the operators a bonus we didn’t expect. All in all, HoneyBees Bingo is an enticing offer most fans of the game won’t be able to refuse. Seeing as this is a recognised brand known for fairness, having had all its games tested, we’re keen to experience its sweet honey for ourselves.


Whether you need a midweek bonus to get over the hump, or it’s a special event based promo that happens once in a blue moon, HoneyBees has a deal suited to everyone. Although we don’t want to overplay the range that this site offers, as it isn’t that awesome in scope, we can’t deny that having regular bonuses isn’t appealing.

Bingo Games
Bingo Games

First up on our list is the welcome offer, a deal which has been broken down into three deposit bonuses for ease of use; it starts at a 300% matched, then moving down to 150%, with it finally ending at 100%. Even though the amount keeps decreasing, the bonus you’re getting is extremely good value for money, with the minimum requirement being £10 per allocation. Despite being a good package however, it isn’t without rules, like the x4 rollover ask for the 300% bonus, or the x8 one for the other two deals.

  • Welcome offer: 300%, 150%, and 100% first three deposit bonus
  • Midweek Treat that takes place in the Hump Day Room

Remember how we talked about getting over that work week hump? Well, every Wednesday at 9pm there’s a Midweek Treat that takes place in the Hump Day Room. Tickets for these games are reduced down to 5p, with all money earned free of wagering requirements as it’s classed as real cash instead of bonus funds. It’s a small sized deal, but it gives a huge pick me up when you need it most.

As for loyalty, there is a scheme in place, but it’s not one detailed on the bonus page, nor is it one detailed much better elsewhere. It was only by looking at the FAQs that we found mention of it, and even then everything is vague, with the only real info being that points are earned from gaming. That’s great, but we’d like more details.

Software and Games

Softwares: Cozy Games, NetEnt and Eyecon

Before you start to worry about getting bored, not only has HoneyBees given you range with bingo based games, in its 90 Ball Big Ben, 30 Ball City Hall, and 75 Ball Penny Bingo, but there’s also other games to play for free or real cash. Not that the above is the full extent of the bingo based activities, just that diversity isn’t an issue should you be looking for a casino like experience without the overwhelming casino scene.

When playing bingo, you’ll be able to see the number of players involved, alongside the cost of a ticket, the minimal prize, and then the grand jackpot for those lucky enough to win it. Nowhere else on the site will you get this information, making this a unique component of these titles. Feel free to play a game as soon as you see it, or play it safe and plan ahead, choosing to purchase a prebuy ticket.

In reference to the software used, there’s of course Cozy Games within the selection presented, but it isn’t the only company involved, as we’ll demonstrate. NetEnt and Eyecon are the main other two developers lending their creativity, which is the norm for HoneyBees and many other Cozy Games sites. While not diverse in games brands, this is still a good way of accessing high quality gameplay.


Banking Options: MasterCard, Paysafecard and Neteller

Seeing as how there’s over 40 different games on this website, it makes sense that some of you will want to pay with cash to play. As this is the case, you need to determine which payment methods work best for you. Even though this is a website that offers a selection of options, the number of providers isn’t all that substantial, with Mastercard, Paysafecard and Neteller three of the six methods mentioned.

Deposits are a straightforward process, with £10 or over needed. But when it comes to withdrawals, there’s not just a min requirement to think about, but also a wagering requirement to meet as well. This is in the form of a progress bar, a latter feature not normally seen on iGaming sites, a characteristic we’d like to change. The reason being is that a progress bar is a great way for customers to keep an eye on where they stand. In regards to withdrawing the money once you’ve met any bonus, it can take several days to complete and enter your account.


Think of licensing as the governor of a brand, with HoneyBees having two rather than just one, which should mean double the safety. As this is a Cozy Games website, the same two regulators are always used; the Isle of Man Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission licenses have been active since 2012. Not only does this show strength in the legislation in place, but also that HoneyBees is reputable.

Support and Contact Details

Let’s assume that you’ve read the FAQs and are still in need of help, this is when you visit the Contact Us page to find further assistance. This will come in the form of email, live chat, telephone, and an in-site email system known as raising a ticket; all of which are manned 24/7. When the support network is this simple to use, you often find little to no issues with the support you receive, as our own personal experiences have shown.

Social Channels

Try as we might to find social media accounts, we struggled to find any that actually related to this specific online brand. Whether this means that they used to exist and have now been stopped, or whether it’s a part of the label in the works, we can’t say. Nevertheless, the lack of social channels isn’t a popular move for many, seeing as how this is a great way for users to stay up to date and connected.