Everything There is to Known about Slingo Bingo

Slingo BingoIf you’re someone who plays online games a lot, the term ‘Slingo’ is likely one you’ve seen countless times yet know very little about; despite its popularity, Slingo games are still a large unknown to many players out there. To help with that exact issue, we’ve put together an introductory guide to everything Slingo, so that the next time you’re playing online, you can decide whether this type of game is of interest to you.

A History of Slingo

Unlike bingo, Slingo has a lot less rich history, having only started coming into play in 1995, with it being a largely a US and UK based phenomena. The game has rather unusual origins, in that it was created by someone who is as far removed from iGaming as possible: a real estate agent named Sal Falciglia. In spite of how odd this may sound, the game soon gained much traction, with it now having become a rather popular hobby for UK gamers in particular, as hundreds of Slingo Bingo dedicated websites have been developed since the mid 1990s.

The Slingo Basics

So what makes Slingo Bingo so unique in its setup, and how can customers play this exclusive game? Slingo is quite simply a 75 ball version of classic bingo that includes slot machine elements, thus creating a hybrid game that combines both sets of generic conventions of each game.

As a result of this marrying of the two, gamers get a game of chance that is a lot more instantaneous in its wins, and that spans the masses, therefore creating a game that is accessible for a wider iGaming audience. Typically, users will be presented with a 5×5 grid with a small set of reels wedged underneath this grid; it’s a lot busier than your standard slot machine, yet the basics are much the same. Once players are familiar with the interface, it’s merely a case of spinning the reels and waiting to see if the numbers you spin are on your Slingo bingo card.

Should you be lucky enough to find several numbers on your ticket, then it’s a case of creating a line or even going for the full house win. As with any type of bingo/slot based game, the type of win you create will impact greatly on the amount of money you bank at the end. Interestingly however, when Slingo was first created, it was a play for free only activity, with monetary variations only coming much later into its history.

The Difference Between Slot Machines and Slingo

Due to its name, a lot of people expect Slingo to be more like a traditional slot machine than it actually is, which can sometimes throw novice players off of their game. The key to understanding Slingo is to keep in mind that the slot aspect of the gameplay is only relatively small in its scope.

As mentioned above, the reels are located at the bottom of the interface, with players only being given a single line of symbols, or in Slingo’s case, numbers to see. Consequently, you’re given a lot less wiggle room than you would with your typical online pokie. What is more, unlike slot machines, which will allow you to keep spinning as long as you have cash to spend, Slingo limits you to the number of spins allowed. For example, in Slingo Rainbow Riches, users need to win the game in 10 spins or less.

However, Slingo Bingo and one armed bandits also have a lot in common, in that Slingo introduced a great deal of unique features to an otherwise number based game of bingo; instead of being totally numbers based, Slingo has special features, such as free spins and multipliers. Due to these new features, the game takes on a broader and more unpredictable lease of life, which is arguably a large part of the Slingo appeal.

Tips and Tricks

Power Ups

In certain Slingo games, users are able to enjoy the added perks of power ups, a feature that can be won and purchased throughout the action of the game. How you come about these power ups can be a little unclear, unless you’re inside a game that specifically uses them, however the gist of what they do is pretty generic. Once a user has secured themselves a set of power ups, they can be used inside each Slingo “level” you play. Furthermore, if you choose not the play a power up you own during a round, that power up will be saved for later, thus giving you another chance to use it. Power ups can come in the form of extra spins, added time, and the auto dauber, as well as a few other bonuses.

Devil’s Protection

Also referred to as Devil’s Block as well, Devil’s Protection is another exclusive Slingo feature that can activated during your game. If the version of the game you’re playing has mini games, aka bonus rounds, then you should be able to purchase Devil’s Protection. What this feature does is ensure that your money is safe should the dreaded devil symbol turn up on your Slingo card. Normally when this symbol appears, the progression you’ve made is hit heavily, and so being protected is of huge benefit to gamers, however be wary that Devil’s Protection is a short lived feature.


This last Slingo feature is one that’ll be more familiar to you, due to its similarities between regular pokies; multipliers allow for an increase in winnings or points accumulated over the game. However, unlike with normal slots where you have to use your multipliers as soon as you win them, in Slingo Bingo you can save them and use them to your advantage. For example, if you wait towards the end of the game to utilise your multipliers, you’ll be able to generate more winnings, and thus walk away with a better set of returns than normal.

Where Can You Play Slingo?

Seeing as you’ve got the basics down, as well as the history of the game, it’s time to find somewhere to play this unique activity; below we’ve created a list of seven websites which are among the current online favourites within the community.

Fancy Bingo

Fancy BingoThis charmingly decorated label has been around since 2011, thus making it one of the older online bingo platforms to date. Using Dragonfish software, this 888 Group owned website is one that specialises in cheap bingo, as well as offering a steady supply of Slingo options also. Not only can you game with peace of mind, thanks to the dual licensing in place, but you can also savour a good range of promotions and/or take part in the VIP scheme available.

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Bingo Crazy

Bingo CrazyBright, in your face, and slightly cluttered, this Cozy Games software run website is a lot for the senses to take in. However, while Bingo Crazy is a little on the eccentric side, that’s part of this 2014 launched website’s charm, that and cheap gaming that is. Promising desktop and mobile friendly gameplay, all licensed, of course, Bingo Crazy is a great spot for those who want to test the waters of the most popular iGaming activities, including that of the ever popular Slingo.

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Bingo Flame

Bingo FlameLaunched in 2012, we’re taking a little bit of a trip back in time with Microgaming powered Bingo Flame, yet another label that’s part of the Cozy Game family. Burning with hot services, this website is a big hit with UK based players, thanks in part to its dual licensing. As well as security, Bingo Flame has several different bingo variations to savour, as well as a wide array of slot machine titles, which also include the combination of Slingo.

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Aunty Acid Bingo

Aunty Acid BingoArguably, this is the most commonly seen bingo platform available to date, with Aunty Acid being one of the main faces of online bingo. Having been established back in 2013, the website is now five years old, yet shows no signs of slowing down, which could be said to being down to the Cozy Games software that powers its services. In a similar vein to the other sites mentioned, users can play with games and bonuses, under the ever watchful eyes of rigid regulators.

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Snappy Bingo

Snappy BingoCreated in 2014, this super green website has been a haven for avid bingo players, with its cutesy croc mascot having become a recognisable bingo icon. As this site is, once again, powered by Cozy Games, customers can anticipate the same type of experience they’d receive from playing with Aunty Acid Bingo or Bingo Flame. Those looking to join will have two unique welcome bonuses to relish, as well as plenty of other deals once they join.

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Overall, Slingo Bingo is an unusual game that has captured the hearts of many gamers since its creation in the 1990s. The marrying of two popular activities has ensured that it has the best of both worlds, therefore maintaining a stimulating, quick paced game that can keep you guessing. Furthermore, should you be looking to test the waters of Slingo, you can do so at some firm favourite bingo labels, which also allows you to savour their more traditional games alongside that of Slingo.