Bingo Lingo – Chat Lingo Dictionary

Bingo Chat LingoThose of you are just getting acquainted with bingo slang will be at sixes and sevens when you find yourselves inside the land-based or virtual bingo rooms for the first time. Although keeping track of the game (the numbers are presented in a transparent manner) will not be compromised, you may be perplexed by the lingo used among experienced bingo players – to avoid feeling like an outsider, a cramming session of the popular terminology is in order.

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Popular Online Chat Bingo Terms

Typing speed at bingo chat sessions is of utmost importance, especially since sometimes winning a bonus may depend on it. To keep up with the rest of the players and chat operators, you will need to adapt and learn the most common abbreviations for popular bingo phrases which will facilitate the communication with other chat participants.

  1. ((name)) – sending hugs to the person you are chatting with. For example ((Amy)) means you are hugging Amy.
  2. 1tg/2tg… – the number of balls required to fill a line or a full house
  3. ? – a request for an explanation
  4. ?4U – asking a question to someone: question (?) for (4) you (U)
  5. a/s/l – asking some about their age, gender, and location (age/sex/location)
  6. AFK – signalizing that you will be “away from the keyboard”
  7. b4n – acronym used to end a chat session (“bye for now”)
  8. bak – acronym used when you are re-joining the chat session (“back at the keyboard”)
  9. BBL/BBS – “be back later” or “be back soon”
  10. BBIAM – similar to BBL or BBS, “be back in a minute”
  11. BLNT – “better luck next time”, used at the end of the game
  12. BRB – “be right back”; some people are even more specific, adding N2P (need to pee)
  13. BTW – short for “by the way”
  14. CYA/CYAL8R – “see ya”, or “see ya later”
  15. GG – could mean either “good going!” or “good game”
  16. GLE – used before the game, means “good luck everyone”
  17. GM/GN –short for “good morning” / “good night”
  18. FH – “full house” – the luckier you get, the more frequently you will use this acronym!
  19. HB – a common answer to BBL/BBS/BBIAM, means “hurry back”
  20. IMHO – short for “in my honest opinion”
  21. JK – short for “just kidding”, sometimes used even when you’re not really kidding
  22. LMAO – short for “laughing my a** off”
  23. LOL – short for “laughing out loud”. Using this phrase does not always require that you actually laugh out loud, so feel free to use it in a flexible manner.
  24. NP – short for “no problem”
  25. NT – short for “nearly there”, can be used instead 1tg or other variations
  26. OMG – short for “oh, my god”
  27. PM – alerting someone that you will be sending a “private message”
  28. POOF – referencing the onomatopoeic sound of something disappearing, “poof” means that the person has left the chat
  29. ROFL – “rolling on the floor laughing”
  30. ROFLMAO – “rolling on the floor laughing my a** off”
  31. SRY – “sorry”, usually preceding the “NP” abbreviation
  32. TC – short for “take care”
  33. TTFN – short for “ta ta for now”
  34. TTYL – short for “talk to you later”
  35. TX/TY/TYVM – short for “thanks” (tnx), “thank you” and “thank you very much”
  36. UL – let us hope that you will never have to use this one since it’s an abbreviation for “unlucky”
  37. WB – short for “welcome back”, used in response to “bak”
  38. WEG – short for “wicked evil grin”, used by players of cheeky disposition
  39. WTG – short for “way to go!”
  40. WTH – more appropriate alternative to WTF, short for “what the heck”
  41. WDW – used to congratulate the winner, short for “well-done winner”
  42. YAW – short for “you’re a winner”
  43. YBS – playful, short for “you’ll be sorry”
  44. YS – used as a reply to YBS, short for “yeah, right”
  45. YVW/YW – “you are very welcome” or “you are welcome”
  46. G – softer version of WEG or VEG (very evil grin), G simply means grin
  47. H – short for “hug”, similar to ((name))
  48. K – can be used instead of “OK” or “kiss”
  49. S – used instead of the smiley emoticon
  50. W – used instead of the winking emoticon

Bingo Chat Lingo – The Cheat Sheet

Although cheat sheets are generally known as the quickest way to get in trouble, our Bingo Chat Lingo downloadable list is perfectly legitimate means of becoming a well-versed Bingo Player in no time! If you happen to get caught using it, make sure to have extra copies, as your fellow players will be sure to ask for one. The list includes the most frequently used abbreviations that are likely to appear during an average Bingo chat session – from casual greetings to the short versions of entire sentences that experienced Bingo room dwellers use to efficiently communicate with each other and the Bingo room host.

With the cheat sheet up your sleeve, you will become a native speaker of Bingo lingo in no time, and – who knows? – maybe even develop your own phrases and shorter versions of popular Bingo slang, leaving a legacy for the new generations of Bingo players! Until that day comes, feel free to use our Bingo Chat Lingo cheat sheet!

Bingo Chat Lingo Cheat Sheet

Bingo Lingo and Nicknames

Adopting the lingo is a piece of cake and before you even notice, you will recognize the number nicknames and even be able to respond accordingly. Rhyming is a big deal in bingo, and a lot of the nicknames are no more than phrases which rhyme with the corresponding number. It is easy to understand why the callers prefer using nicknames to announcing actual numbers – the players are amused and called to action since a lot of the nicknames trigger a certain reaction from the crowd. For example, the number 56 is called out as “Was she worth it”? This refers to the price of the marriage licence and female players will reply “Every penny!” Do not be concerned about being able to follow the bingo session if the caller uses nicknames – the numbers will also be displayed in the clearly visible place, making little or no room for misunderstandings.

Bingo Chat Hosts

Bingo chat hosts have several roles, but their most important task is to take care of the players, moderate the bingo room content, and run the bingo chat games. They will be at your disposal 24/7, ready to provide immediate assistance and address the chat participants’ queries. Another important task (which they have to perform constantly) is taking care of the etiquette, making sure that all the players are in line with the proper decorum. Finally, the chat hosts are also responsible for bringing the best deals and bingo promotions to one’s attention and answering all the relevant questions.

Bingo Chat Promotions

Bingo chat promotions are a great way to boost your balance. To win the bonus, all you need to do is join the chat session and start playing. Lucky Number is the most common chat game, and to qualify, players will need to buy a ticket for the specified game.


Certain protocols must be honoured unless you would like to be banished from using bingo chat – basically, it all boils down to treating others the same way you would like to be treated by your fellow bingo players. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep the atmosphere friendly and the following will not be tolerated:

One should also avoid disclosing their personal information or coerce others into doing that.