How to Find the Best Bingo Sites

A way in which we decide whether a bingo site is good or not, or even part of the best sites available, is by looking at a series of signs; if a site has all of these markers in place, we conclude it is one of the more reliable, and better, sites to join. Due to the number of signs we look out for, there’s a lot of ground to cover, nevertheless it’s worth it for peace of mind that you’re a member of a worthwhile, safe bingo brand.

When looking at bingo sites, the very best of the bunch will be completely transparent with the information they provide, with not only licensing details provided, but also the encryption measures they utilise as well. Coupled with this, you can reaffirm the quality of the site by reading through guides (similar to this one), which detail which are the most highly recommended sites currently online. As for other elements to take into account, they include the volume of titles available, how accessible banking options are, and whether the customer support is up to modern day standards. If you fail to look at all of these details, in their entirety, then you’ll find yourself never experiencing the very best of what the bingo community has to offer its users.

Our Recommended Best Bingo Sites

To help you get down to gaming more quickly, we’ve compiled a brief list of the best new bingo sites we wholeheartedly recommend. This is only a small list, with several other brands also worthy of your attention and further investigation, however for now we’ll stick to these chosen four.

Recommended Bingo Sites

Hunnie Bingo

Hunnie BingoFor those looking for a less richly textured experience, Hunnie Bingo is a playfully pink 2015 founded website, decorated in such a way that promotes female players over male ones. Nevertheless, while this brand is geared up for the “fairer sex”, men are welcome to register and enjoy the entertainment value of the multiple activities, including free bingo, pokies, and other such goodies. Keeping everything in check for the lovely ladies of this site, is a dual license from the Government of Gibraltar, and the UK Gambling Commission. Just as with Velvet Bingo, security is one of the label’s highest priorities, and so you can rest easy that all your data is in safe hands.
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Polo Bingo

Polo BingoThe “elder” of our list is Polo Bingo, a site that was released in 2010, which makes this site over eight years old. And yet, while this is the most seasoned of the bingo sites we’ve come across, it still delivers safe, fun, and friendly action, thanks to the licensing from the UK Gambling Commission, and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Of course, beyond that, there’s also an ample supply of mobile friendly activities, with slot machines being the main source of entertainment, believe it or not. Granted, the bingo is arguably what makes this website such a find for iGaming lovers, but by having other options, gamers can expand their horizons all from one place.
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How to Play Online Bingo

Now that you’ve got the sites to visit, you may be wondering how you go about playing bingo online; after all, traditionally the game is played inside a large hall, with people all trying to get a win before everyone else. Even though you won’t be inside a physical lobby, the gist of the game is essentially the same. However, there are different forms of the game, which are important to understand before you attempt to play them, simply so that you don’t lose more money than you need to.

75 Ball Bingo

Despite having reached the height of its popularity in the 1940s, 75 ball bingo is still popular among players to this day. The basics of the game is that there’s a 5×5 grid of numbers, with players having to create a predetermined pattern in order to win, for example, users need to create an L shape in order to win. Due to the love this version of the game has garnered, there’s numerous patterns to work towards, however there’s common ones that appear during most games, such as a turtle or a Z. That being said, as each bingo website has its own way of doing things, variances should be expected.

80 Ball Bingo

If you’re looking to combine the best of both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, the 80 ball matches could be the way for you to go, as it’s seen as the middle ground between the two. Much like 75 ball matches, this type of bingo is won by the gamers recreating a pattern, however this time round the patterns tend to be diagonal lines, two winning lines at the same time, and so on. Arguably, it sounds more complicated than 75 ball, but there’s not that much difference between the two. The card you pay for will consist of a 4×4 grid, with 16 numbers printed upon it, with each column displaying numbers 1 through 80.

90 Ball Bingo

This version is the most played to date, and doesn’t seem to be losing its appeal any time soon; users will buy a strip, rather than a single ticket, with several 3×9 grids set on it. Inside these grids, there’s 20 numbers per game, with some of the squares of the grids having been blanked out, thus making it more difficult for players to land those winning patterns. Whenever you get the same number as the one called, you mark it off on your card, and hopefully work your way to a winning line (or three). Due to the variety on offer, there’s three ways you can win: one line win, two line win, and then a three line win, aka a full house.

Mobile Bingo Apps and Sites

For users’ convenience, most top bingo sites, especially those regarded as the cream of the crop, will provide either a mobile accessible website, or better still, an app to download. The beauty of being able to play on the go, besides being in charge of when you play, if at all, is that you never miss out on special opportunities. After all, top bingo sites often hold unique games in which mobile players receive exclusive rewards.

Online Bingo Promotions

Regardless of whether you choose to game via a portable device or on a desktop computer, best online bingo sites worth their salt will present numerous promotions for you to activate; some of these will be exclusive to new members, while others will be for those that keep returning. Normally these bonuses are highlighted on the homepage of a brand, but if not, there’s usually a promotional materials page for you to browse at your leisure. Often the bonuses take the form of a deposit based bonus, as well as cheaper bingo tickets during specific hours of the day.

Bingo Networks, What Are They?

If you frequent online bingo sites, you’ll have likely noticed that most of them mention how they’re part of a bingo network, for example, there’s the Best Bingo Network (BBN). All this means is that a group of bingo labels have grouped together in order to access potential customers more easily, as well as pooling/sharing their resources. It’s been said that this is a way of online bingo platforms to grant larger payouts for the variety of matches that they hold, a theory that’s shared by many a reviewer.

The Biggest Bingo Networks

Detailed below are three of the biggest networks currently in operation; true, there’s more than the ones we’ve mentioned, but it’s fair to conclude that the ones detailed on our list are the most renowned, and reliable.

The Dragonfish Network

Part of the 888 Group, this nexus of bingo sites is regarded as one of the world’s greatest, as demonstrated by the countless brands involved with the network. You can spot such sites, such as Wink Bingo, because they utilise Dragonfish software.

Live Bingo Network

This collection of sites has been described as one of the fastest growing, with well over 50 websites to its name. Just like Dragonfish, they provide brands that play 90, 75, and 80 ball bingo, only this time the software comes from Cozy Games.

Standalone sites

Rare though it is nowadays, some bingo labels still choose to remain standalone, in that they’re not associated with any network. Even though this is an unusual choice, it doesn’t necessarily make them any less trustworthy than those that do belong to networks.

The Payment Options of Bingo Websites

Before we leave you to explore the joys of online bingo for yourselves, it’s worth us mentioning that there’s several ways to bank when you register with a bingo website, such as PayPal, credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, and so on. Each of these brings with it their own pros and cons, so it’s wise to verse yourselves in those details before you make a decision. However, most of the time you’ll find that most of the widely used payment methods generally adhere to the same set of rules. For example, ewallets, such as PayPal, tend to process withdrawals quicker than credit/debit cards, whereas bank transfer tends to take much longer.