Bingo Betting Sites

New Online Bingo Betting SitesA number of serious sportsbook punters tend to dismiss bingo as merely a game of chance. With sports betting, you can analyse form and trends to make what you feel is an informed decision but when it comes to bingo, can you really apply any sort of strategy?

There are arguments from both sides in that respect but what you will see from best bingo sites is a great deal of value in terms of offers and promotions. Many of those sites will also offer some free play to get you started so why not check it out?


We do see some no deposit deals on the sportsbooks but these are very rare. The likes of 21Win, who give you $6.00 to play with are trying to gain a foothold in a crowded market but these are isolated deals.

They are slightly more common on casino but in the world of online bingo, these play for free deals are very easy to find. At Costa Bingo for example, you can claim £5.00 free bonus cash and this is very typical of what you can track down. Yes, there are rollovers to keep in mind but site operators are offering this so that you can try them out and at this stage you really have nothing to lose.

As for welcome bonuses, they can be lower in terms of the amounts involved, certainly when compared to casinos. At Frozen Bingo, there is a 300% offer which can earn up to £60.00 while Fancy Bingo’s deal is identical.

Compare those to the likes of William Hill and Paddy Power where the sportsbooks provide £30.00 in free bets and you’ll see how much value a bingo site can offer. Reloads are common too and there are lots of one off promos available for loyal customers.


As an entry level player, the best option is to find an online bingo site that gives you a wide choice of games. Bingo itself is very simple and the rules are essentially the same whichever version you are playing; you have a set of numbers on a card and your job is to fill that card, as the numbers are drawn, and to complete it before the other players.

While that concept is carried on through all bingo games, there are differences in terms of stakes and the amount that each option asks for in terms of your bet. You could go as little as 1p in some sites and while the prize money in this instance won’t be great, it will give you a chance to get a feel for the operator and to decide whether you want to stay there.

Sites also have popular themes as we’ve already seen with Frozen Bingo which bases its design around the popular Disney production. Ultimately, it’s all about fun and the different themes and designs will appeal to different sectors of the bingo playing community.

Points to note

Some of the operators involved in bingo have been specifically set up to deal with this area of betting and they may not be familiar to the sports community. Be assured that they are tried and tested brands, many of which have been in existence for years.

However, if you do want to trial the discipline with someone who is more familiar then you could look at your sportsbook accounts. William Hill, BetFred, Coral and Paddy Power are among those brands who have a bingo arm and as an existing account holder on either sports or casino, you may even get a bespoke offer so that you can try things out.

Beyond that suggestion, you just need to keep in mind that the terms for offers may differ greatly from the sportsbooks, particularly with rollovers where it’s not uncommon to have to play through bonuses 35x or more.


When most people think of bingo their mind conjures up a night out in a busy hall where everyone is enjoying the entertainment on show. That fun element has been taken from the physical world and transferred online where the emphasis for bingo operators is to provide their players with the most entertaining experience possible.

Bingo is taken a little less seriously than casino and that’s why some sports bettors can view it a little cynically and that’s a shame. Behind all the fun is a serious side where great offers and bonuses are listed by the operators and you can win some serious cash prizes across a choice of games.

You can even start to play with a risk free, no deposit offer so there really is no excuse not to try it out. If you are focussed on sports but would like to have a go at Bingo, there’s never been a better time as the choice and value on offer for this popular sector of gaming continues to grow.