Swingin’ Spins Promotion at Monkey bingo

Monkey Bingo PromotionWe hope you like bananas, because Monkey Bingo’s latest bonus is just that! Every Sunday at 8:30 PM, the Swingin’ Spins special feature is played for all those cool monkeys who remembered to purchase their tickets beforehand. The grand prize are 150 free spins on Fish & Chips, split between three people. And how do you win this fabulous prize, you may ask? You have to pay at least one penny, be a funded player that is eighteen years old or older, and be lucky enough to sweep the floor with your rivals.

A single, 90 ball game is played on Sunday at 8:30 PM. It is only available to funded players – so if you have not made a deposit before it starts, you will not be eligible to purchase a ticket. Gamblers can purchase up to 96 tickets every game. The more tickets you have, the larger your chances of getting a winning combination!

The full house wins 75 of the 150 free spins. The second place with 2 lucky numbers gets 50 extra turns, while the third place with only one lucky number wins 25 free spins. In case of multiple winners, prizes are split evenly between all winners. These free spins are playable both on desktop and mobile devices, and can only be played on the Fish & Chips game – you cannot choose where you play the free spins, unfortunately. You have seven days to use up all your free spins. If you fail to play them all by the deadline, they disappear forever. All winners will receive their bonus within 48 hours of the bonus finishing. All free spins wins are capped at 0.10 GBP. You cannot choose to take a cash prize instead of the free spins.

If you want to participate, gamblers have to be an existing member who has made at least one deposit before the Swingin’ Spins bonus is played. Both minimum deposit and withdrawal are 5 GBP. Deposits after the special feature has already begun will not grant you late access, so it is in your best interest not to be late, as you would not want to be left out.

Currently, there is no end date for this bonus. There is no reassurances that players will be warned ahead of time if the game shuts down.

Only one person can gamble from a single IP address on the same bingo network, and this restriction applies to all website that share said network.