Stay Cool Promotion at Frozen Bingo

Frozen Bingo PromotionYou cannot put a price on loyalty. Making people feel appreciated is important for any casino, especially for bingo, which is easy to pick up and enjoy. As a result, Frozen Bingo have the coolest way to incentivize their players to stay active and keep depositing cash, with the Stay Cool bonus. Here’s the winning formula – five bingo games, each with 1000 GBP worth of prizes, and an increasing full house prize with each played round. Tickets are entirely free, so long as you deposited in the last six days.

Five different 75-ball games are played every Friday from 7pm to 11pm, one game every hour. It is only available to players who made a deposit on the website in the last six days and are older than 18, with card prices being completely free. It is available to be played on both desktop and mobile devices. You can claim up to six cards every week.

All five games have a full house win, as well as one-to-go and two-to-go pays. Only one person can win the full house prize, while 1TG and 2TG wins are split between all players who got it. Each game increases the value of the full house win, at the price of the other two prizes, lowering their value by half between the first and last game. Meanwhile, the full house jackpot grows from 500 GBP to 750 GBP, increasing in 50 GBP increments every game. The cash prize is granted to the player’s account within 24 hours of the game ending, so all you have to do is lean back and be patient, and before you know it, the extra money will be available to you.

If you want to participate, you will have to deposit at least six days before Friday. The minimum deposit and withdrawal are 5 GBP. You cannot deposit after the games have already begun, as that will not give you access to the Stay Cool bonus, so make sure you make that deposit in time, or else you will regret it!

Currently, there is no end date for this promotion. In case it is coming to an end, Frozen Bingo say they will give reasonable notice of when the bonus will be shut down.

Keep in mind the website tracks players by IP address for bingo. Only one gambler from a specific IP address can participate in a game on any of the websites that share the same bingo network.