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Now Bingo Review

Unfortunately Now Bingo is now closed, but there's no need to worry! Check out hundreds of alternative bingo sites at New-OnlineBingoSites.co.uk!

Online since: 2016

Packed with a lot of contrasting colours, Now Bingo is an online gaming site that you won’t easily forget, or miss for that matter. Given it’s larger than life personality, it makes sense that an equally flamboyant games company is behind it, mainly that of Cozy Games. For those of you not familiar, they were founded in 2005, with them having released Now Bingo in 2016. While still classed as new, this online bingo brand is also well established, meaning it should, technically, offer the best of both worlds. As we know so little about the label, we need to go deeper into this Live Bingo Network site, to see what makes it tick, and what it offers. In such a stagnated industry, let’s hope it’s more outside the box than inside it.


In terms of rewards, we need to make clear that Now Bingo sticks to what it knows, e.g. what Cozy Games has given its users from its other websites. Granted, it’s not the most original way of providing promotions, but nor is it one we’ve not seen before, as ProgressPlay is also notorious for doing the same. Therefore, should you see a bonus you recognise, you need to accept that this is how this brand works, or find a bingo site more suited to you.

Bingo Games
Bingo Games

  • Welcome offer: Newbie Bingo Room bonus with 12 free tickets
  •  Chance to win £250 in the Golden Ticket Room

Seeing as there’s approximately 10 bonuses available, not including the points of the loyalty scheme, there’s too much for us to write about in one section. And so, we’ve cherry picked the promos we think you’ll care about the most, with our first being that of the Welcome Bonus. This isn’t the only newbie centred prize, but it’s by far the easiest to activate. All new users will be able to play inside the Newbie Bingo Room for the first seven days of membership. What is more, during this time, you’ll be able to get 12 free tickets for the games played there. If you should win a game, the wagering requirement applied is that of x8 for bingo and x20 for slots.

Another room related deal, though one not connected to new customers, is the Golden Ticket Room. This may not sound like much of a bonus, but it actually unlocks a special room for those of you who deposit £10 or more. Every Friday at 9pm, you’ll be able to play for a prize of £250, all from a measly wager of £10, thus making this a ticket to the good life. If however, this isn’t your cup of tea, you can just stick to collecting points for every £2 wagered, resulting in you able to convert those points into cash.

Software and Games

Softwares: Cozy Games, NetEnt and Eyecon

Do you like to play as part of the crowd, or are you more a solo gamer, better off when working with as small a group as possible? Well, whatever your preferred gaming style, Now Bingo has a room designed for you, thanks to its Bingo lobby. When you’re a member, you’ll have Big Ben 90 Ball, Hump Day Room 90 Ball, Victoria 90, Down Town 80 Ball, City Hall 30 Ball, Penny Bingo 75 Ball, Newbie Room 90 Ball, and 3K Payday Jackpot 90 Ball to choose from.

Depending on which room you select, high volumes of people can be playing, with as many as 630 seen inside the 3K Payday room at any one time. All tickets are below the price of 10p per game, with you able to prebuy for some of the rooms if you miss out the first time round. What is more, while prize funds vary, the grand jackpots tend to be large affairs that’ll get your eyes watering, with the prize known to reach £2,500.

Once you’ve conquered the bingo scene, or tired of its options, you can move onto the other casino activities, like the penny slots and scratchcards. These tend to be from NetEnt or Eyecon, with NetEnt the more dominate games developer. Offering well over 35 games within the slots section alone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make use of your money and start playing.


Banking Options: Visa, Mastercard and Paysafecard

Getting started isn’t just about creating an account, it’s about depositing money as well, which means choosing from one of the options given. Visa, Mastercard and Paysafecard are three of the ones listed, with them all coming without an additional banking fees, and a minimum transaction of £10.

Once you’ve got the cash to play with, you can start making back more money with wins, which then of course leads to withdrawals. Although not quite as quick or simple, Now Bingo has a withdrawal system that promises to complete the transaction within three days. What is more, they allow you to cancel your withdrawal should you change your mind. As with any banking system, limits have been put in place, with the weekly limit being £300, while the monthly cap is a more substantial £5,000.

Support and Contact Details

If you have any questions you need to direct at the team, you’re able to do so in a variety of different ways, no matter the time of day. You see, the most valuable aspect of this brand is how accessible customer service is, with members of the team always on hand. When operational hours are around the clock, not a lot can go wrong when accessing help.

As for what you can use to contact someone, that falls into the traditional trio of email, phone and live chat. However, with Now Bingo it also includes a ticket system that works as a sort of in-site email callback, an option only available if you’re a registered user.

Well, we’d hoped that Now Bingo would have more to offer us than two dead social media channels, but it seems we aimed our hopes too high this time round. Despite having a button for both Facebook and Twitter, upon visiting those pages, you notice that the accounts barely look live. Consequently, we wouldn’t use them unless we felt it absolutely necessary, as currently they appear to be a waste of time for both us and Cozy Games.