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Merlin Bingo Review

Unfortunately Merlin Bingo is now closed, but there's no need to worry! Check out hundreds of alternative bingo sites at New-OnlineBingoSites.co.uk!

Online since: 2005
Welcome Bonus: 12 bingo tickets with the chance to win up to £3,000

If you’re into magic tricks, you’re about to come under the spell of Merlin Bingo, an online games website that’s part of the Live Bingo Network. For those of you who haven’t heard of this web of bingo labels, it consists of only the best bingo websites within the UK; think of it as a badge of honour. Another prominent part of this brand’s history is that it’s operated by Cozy Games, a well known company that dominates the online bingo scene. Even though this is the case, Merlin Bingo can easily be identified from its sister sites because of how unique the aesthetics are. In this instance, it’s a magical night filled with potions and spells, a design that perfectly captures the legend of Merlin.


When it comes to promotional materials, Merlin Bingo follows a familiar pattern, seeing as how Cozy Games always repeat the same set of bonuses across their websites. In all honesty, it takes the freshness out of the individuality of Merlin Bingo, but then again it ensures that users can be surrounded by familiar deals.

Bingo Games
Bingo Games

One of the regulars that you can trigger is that of the Welcome Bonus, which is a feature part of the Newbie Bingo Room. This room will only be open to newcomers for the first seven days of your membership, so you’ll need to act fast. Once you get into the room, you’ll be able to purchase 12 bingo tickets free of charge, with any time of the day open to this offer. What this means, in terms of figures, is that £3,000 worth of bingo games can be played for free during this time period.

  • Welcome offer: 12 bingo tickets with the chance to win up to £3,000
  • Night Owls bonus
  • Loyalty scheme to all members

Another member of the Cozy Games bonus family is that of Night Owls, another room deal, though this one takes place inside the 90 Big Ben Room. Players will need to play this deal between the hours of midnight and 7am, with £20 seeded pots available to you for tickets as low as 5p. In terms of other bonuses, there’s plenty of them that are geared up for all the different types of gamers registered, with some offering bingo games from 1p, or you can buy one ticket and get another for free.

Moving away from promos, we bring to you the loyalty scheme that’s available to all members of the brand, without you needing to opt in or be invited. Every time you play with real cash you’ll receive LPs, with these points then able to be converted, with one point value at 1p only. To be able to redeem these points, you’ll need to have generated as many as 100 of them to begin the process.

Software and Games

Softwares: Cozy Games, NetEnt and Eyecon

In combination with the bingo rooms, such as the 75 Penny Bingo, 90 Ball Cash Drop Room and 90 Big Ben, you’ll find that there’s slot machines and scratchcards to play as well. If you’d prefer to stick to bingo, you can play the games by purchasing tickets, with the cost as low as 1p and as high as 10p. What is more, you can win basic prizes and grand jackpots, with the maximum payout as high as £2,000.

Of course, if you tire of these options, or if you decide you fancy a new way of gaming, you can play through some NetEnt and Eyecon one armed bandits. There’s also some Cozy Games titles as well, but most of that software is used on the bingo activities. Should you wish to play some of these casino games, you’ll need to do so by wagering cash or using Bonus Bucks, which is an special currency that Merlin Bingo has created to be used for some of the games.


Banking Options: Visa, Mastercard and Paysafecard

If you’re looking to deposit some funds but have no more than £5, that’s okay as that’s the minimum amount that’s needed; this sum of cash is needed for any of the payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard and Paysafecard. As for the withdrawals, these same options and the others alongside them, require at least £10 per transaction, thus making banking with Merlin Bingo as simple as can be.

As far as we’re aware, there’s no banking charges applied to the transactions, not forgetting that Merlin Bingo promises speedy withdrawals, with one to three days needed for the balance to clear into your bank account. We find that this is much faster than a lot of other brand’s we’ve banked with, and so we can’t praise this label enough. In regards to currencies, GBP is the primary one, with EUR also available as well.


As with any games website, security measures need to have been taken in order for us to be certain that it’s a safe platform, which is why we look for licensing details. Luckily for us, and Merlin Bingo, they display this information readily, with us able to see that the Isle of Man Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission are the ones currently employed.

Support and Contact Details

One of the most obvious means of support you can find is that of live chat, which is presented via the contact us page and the right hand side tab. This additional widget is always visible, even when you’re gaming, so that help can be accessed as quickly as possible.

In addition to live messaging the team members, there’s also an email address and a telephone number to use, not forgetting that there’s an onsite ticket option as well, with the latter a sort of callback system. Oh, and did we forget to mention that this is a 24/7 website, and so there’s no breaks in receiving assistance.

Social Channels

When searching for social channels that support Merlin Bingo, we discovered that there’s a Facebook account available. Although it doesn’t look like it’s regularly used by the brand anymore, we can see that customers readily use it to chat on and/or contact the customer service team. Relying on Facebook seems to be what Cozy Games always opts to do, and so those who frequent any of their sites will know the drill by now.