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Hunnie Bingo Review

Unfortunately Hunnie Bingo is now closed, but there's no need to worry! Check out hundreds of alternative bingo sites at New-OnlineBingoSites.co.uk!

Online since: 2015

If you’re a regular follower of our online guides and reviews, you’ll know that we’ve tested the various elements of Lucky Ladies Bingo, a brand by Cozy Games. Well, today we bring to you Hunnie Bingo, another iGaming website that has been designed with female gamers in mind. Even though this is the case, the iconography of this Live Bingo Network site is a lot less gendered than Lucky Ladies, with only the colour palette being a stereotype of genders. If you’re able to look past the pinks and purples of this website, you may just discover a set of games that will bring you good rewards, so maybe you should stick around until the end of this guide? In doing so, you’ll learn whether all the services of this label are good or in need of improvement.


At this moment in time, there’s ten active bonuses, however please be aware that some of those displayed at present are seasonal, like the Big Bonus Bash. Consequently, we intend to only refer to the promos that we know will be around for the next few months, which of course means mentioning the Welcome Bonus.

Bingo Games
Bingo Games

In truth, there’s two welcome packages for users to trigger, but we’re going to focus on the seven day promotion that starts at the Newbie Bingo Room. Although it’s not on the same level as the deposit bonuses, it’s a far easier deal to put into motion than the three part deposit bonus, as less money is required. Despite this being the case, we find the simplicity of 12 free bingo tickets perfect for those of you who are here for bingo and bingo only.

  • Welcome offer: 12 free bingo tickets
  • Big Bonus Bash
  • £3,000 Payday Jackpot

Should you find the aforementioned deal not to your tastes, or you’re soon to have used it, there’s still plenty of others to work through, like the £3,000 Payday Jackpot. This promo is advertised everyday of the week, but it’s only on Wednesday at 9pm that you’ll be able to join in the fun. To do this, you need to make your way to the Payday Jackpot Room, with cards costing at least 25p, and a minimum of two of them needed to take part. If you manage to win some money from these playthroughs, it’ll be credited to you in real money meaning you have no rollover requirements to overcome.

Alongside the bonuses, there’s also promotional cash called Bonus Bucks, a form of money that can be used to play some of the activities. These BBs are said to be given for being a loyal member, but they’re not part of the loyalty scheme, which means that Hunnie Bingo really cares about your satisfaction levels. That being said, little information is provided about the BBs, and so it stands to reason that you’ll need further help from the team members.

Software and Games

Softwares: Eyecon, NetEnt and Cozy Games

Before we get into the full details of the games, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Eyecon, NetEnt and Cozy Games are the software developers running the show here. In truth, they always appear on the Cozy Games bingo sites, but that doesn’t mean we should be any less impressed by the quality of the titles presented.

As we’ve already mentioned, albeit briefly, there’s bingo rooms in which you can play 90, 80, 75 and 30 ball bingo, with the rooms including (but aren’t limited to) Big Ben, Hump Day Room, and City Hall. In case you’re all about numbers, there’s eight rooms at any one time, though sometimes they vary due to your membership status, e.g. you’re a newcomer. Regardless of this fact, the games are easy to join in with, with you able to prebuy tickets for the next round.

Should you be interested in the slots of Hunnie Bingo, they offer no freeplays, but they do ensure that a mix of genres are well covered, and so your experience should be a diverse one. Another varied section of the label is that of the scratchcards and table based games, with these being less varied in themes but are still of the best quality.


Banking Options: PayPal, Skrill or Visa

If you’re a customer who wants to bank with PayPal, Skrill or Visa, you’ll be able to thanks to the small but varied selection of payment options that Hunnie Bingo has. They’re not the most varied of iGaming sites in what they offer you, which means you can bank with few if no issues at all. What is more, the limits for both deposits and withdrawals are quite low, with minimum withdrawals needing to be £10 or more, while deposits are only £5.

When taking money from your account, you will have to wait four days, though sometimes Hunnie Bingo will process the money quicker; it all depends on the verified documents of your account. One aspect of banking that’s never affected by verification is that of banking fees, with Hunnie Bingo applying none. That being said, your provider can decide to do that if they want to.


Even though Hunnie Bingo is a UK focused online brand, there’s actually two licenses active at present, that of the UK Gambling Commission and the Isle of Man Gambling Commission. The Isle of Man legislation isn’t as well known as the UK one, but it’s still as trustworthy as any other licenses you’ll find on iGaming websites.

Support and Contact Details

Sometimes when you need help from a games site, the hours that you’re playing aren’t compatible with when the customer service options are available. Fortunately, this isn’t going to be the case with Hunnie Bingo, as users can chat with the team via emails, live chat and telephone.

Partnered with these methods are the FAQs and terms and conditions, with the former being the more easily digestible. The only issue with these popular questions is the fact that they only cover so much, and so they’re not always useful depending on what your needs are.

Social Channels

As advertised at the bottom of the webpages, Hunnie Bingo has a Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook channel… or do they? In some respects you could answer yes, but when you access the social media accounts, it soon becomes evident that the information is all about the Live Bingo Network. If we’re totally honest, we find this a misleading way of manning the social media accounts, with users fooled into thinking they’re getting one service when actually they’re getting another.