Spin the Fortune Wheel with Booty Bingo

Unfortunately Booty Bingo is now closed, but there's no need to worry! Check out hundreds of alternative bingo sites at New-OnlineBingoSites.co.uk!

Booty Bingo PromotionWe’ve all heard of a “booty call”, but we can assure you that the booty offered by Booty Bingo is far from the saucier aspects of the well known saying “Netflix and Chill”. Despite not being as raunchy, the brand can deliver a lot of satisfaction, especially for those of you who can’t help yourselves when it comes to online bingo.

One of Booty Bingo’s current promotions is the Fortune Wheel, a bonus extravaganza that has a variety of outcomes you can land on. Due to the uncertainty of where that wheel will land, you’ll sometimes can a new prize every time, while in other instances you’ll get much of the same. Nevertheless, repetitive or not, it’s a brilliant way for regular, depositing gamers to be rewarded for their continued loyalty.

We mention loyalty here because this bonus is very much connected to how often you play with the brand, and how much you deposit – if you’re extremely casual with your gaming, this promo may not be available to you. To access it, you need to have logged in within the last seven days and deposited at least £10 during that time. The criteria isn’t exactly steep, but it is strict. However, the payoff is not just one spin of that wheel, or even two, it’s a daily chance to grab yourself some special prizes.

What are those prizes? Gamers who are able to spin the wheel can win anything from free bingo tickets all the way up to a £50 cash prize. Although this won’t make you an instant highroller, it’s a great way of helping you out if the cost of online gaming ever becomes a bit too tight. Please note that any prizes you win will only be valid for 24 hours. After this time, they will expire and will be unavailable to you. What is more, the bingo tickets you can win cover the cost of a game up to 5p in value, should you wish to play a bingo game that costs more, you’ll have to put in the rest. Any money you make off of these free tickets will be subject to a wagering requirement also, which is set a small x4.

As this is a general promotion, e.g. not restricted by a limited timeframe, users will be able to take advantage of it throughout the month. In spite of this being the case, Booty Bingo, like any other iGaming brand, has the power to remove this promotion at short notice, as well as restricting your access to it. This is why following the guidelines of the terms is an absolute must; not only does it make partaking easier, it also means less issues further down the line for you.

If you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is and get some extra mileage out of your deposits, you’d better get spinning that wheel today!