Bingo Chat Lingo – The Cheat Sheet

Although cheat sheets are generally known as the quickest way to get in trouble, our Bingo Chat Lingo downloadable list is perfectly legitimate means of becoming a well-versed Bingo Player in no time! If you happen to get caught using it, make sure to have extra copies, as your fellow players will be sure to ask for one. The list includes the most frequently used abbreviations that are likely to appear during an average Bingo chat session – from casual greetings to the short versions of entire sentences that experienced Bingo room dwellers use to efficiently communicate with each other and the Bingo room host.

With the cheat sheet up your sleeve, you will become a native speaker of Bingo lingo in no time, and – who knows? – maybe even develop your own phrases and shorter versions of popular Bingo slang, leaving a legacy for the new generations of Bingo players! Until that day comes, feel free to use our Bingo Chat Lingo cheat sheet!

Bingo Chat Lingo Cheat Sheet