Back to the Bingo Promotion at Rewind Bingo

Rewind Bingo PromotionSome bonuses try to draw people in with big numbers and a catch. In an era where we are spoiled for choice when it comes to casinos, it is no surprise that bonuses are pouring in from every angle. So, Rewind Bingo’s Back to the Bingo special feature is quite interesting, as it seems more interested in drawing engagement rather than any massive wins. 20 GBP worth of prizes are being played for every hour from 2 PM to midnight. This bonus is exclusively available to players who have already made a deposit already, are older than 18, and are willing to pay the 1 penny ticket cost.

Players can purchase up to 96 cards, with the end goal being to get the best bingo combination. 10 GBP goes to the full house winner, One to go winners share 6 GBP, while two-to-go winners get 4 GBP between all of them. If there is more than one winner, all the money is split equally between them. Considering the value of these prizes, we cannot imagine it is particularly lucrative to win second or third place, let alone having to share it with someone else. The prize is deposited into the winners’ account when the game is finished. This bonus can be played on both desktop and mobile devices, so you can lean back in your chair, or play outside of your home, so you do not miss any important jackpot wins while you are away.

If gamblers want to play this bonus, they will have to make a deposit beforehand. This means new, unfunded players have to make a 5 GBP deposit before they can participate. A single ticket is worth 1 penny, and you can get 96 tickets for a single event. The prizes, in total, are not particularly amazing, but even an extra 5 GBP or 10 GBP can be a life saver under the right circumstances. Furthermore, the cash prize from this bonus is not restricted in where and how you can spend it.

There are no plans to shut down this special feature, and the developers said they would provide reasonable notice before they took it off the internet. However, Rewind Bingo does reserve the right to alter or change the promotion at any time.

The website tracks the players’ IP address to determine whether more than one gambler is playing from that location. Only one player can participate in any of the websites that share the same bingo network at the same time.