Rewind Bingo is Bringing it Back with the 80s Remix

Rewind Bingo PromotionHave you ever wanted to rewind back to a point in time – to when you graduated, to when you bought your first house, to when you had big hair? If you’re in need of a much needed retro injection in your life, Rewind Bingo has just the remedy for you: the 80s Remix.

Before you get too overexcited, this remix isn’t one that’ll play all the best hits of that era, but is instead a way of playing some super cheap (yet fun filled) online bingo. Of course, you can always create a playlist to suit the mood of this promotion perfectly. Who knows, it may just help you win a game or two…

The games available will all be 75 ball bingo, meaning that those of you who prefer 90 or 5 line bingo are going to need to wait for a promotion better suited to you. Nonetheless, while the type of activity you’ll play may feel limited, the key terms and conditions aren’t, chiefly that of the ticket prices and the prizes. Normally you’ll know the price of a bingo game well in advance, and know that it’ll stay the same, but with the 80s Remix, the price of the tickets will change every time a new game starts. What is more, the prizes will vary with each game as well.

So how much are you expected to pay? Reward Bingo has kept the cost of bingo low, with the ticket costs bouncing around between 0p and 5p per ticket. As for the rewards you can secure, those include bonus money, loyalty points, and (the best of all) real cash payouts. The reason real cash returns are the best is because they’re free of wagering requirements, whereas bonus funds will always have their own requirements you’re subject to.

Between the hours of 10:15am and 6:16pm, bingo games will play every two hours, however after that point, they’ll move to every hour up until the clock strikes 11:15pm. During the course of the day, the number of tickets you can buy will change depending on the cost of the tickets purchased. For example, if a game costs 0p, the maximum number of bingo tickets you can purchase is six, however when the game costs 1p or more, the maximum number massively jumps to 96 tickets at a time.

If you’re keen to get started but are worried about the deadline of this promo, you needn’t worry, as there’s no time limit, currently, for this 80s Remix promotion. Nonetheless, as with its sister promotions, such as Udder Madness and Bonkers Bingo, the 80s Remix can be terminated at any time, if the operators so choose. Not that we think that’ll happen any time soon.