New Online Bingo Sites in 2020

New Online Bingo Sites
Online bingo is a form of iGaming that has always had a fairly decent following, but over the years it’s become an on trend form of gaming for the younger generations. In spite of this, few users know where to begin when looking for reliable bingo games. Not all online brands are created equal, however more often than not they’ll deliver the most commonly sought after titles. Our job is to provide you with helpful reviews of new online bingo sites, so that you can discover a new platform with which to play.

To give you an example of what you can expect from our services, we’ve compiled a list of several contemporary labels below; these new online bingo sites in the UK are accessible for both genders, with customers normally able to play more than the bingo activities advertised. Even though this is the case, the labels we’ll discuss are primarily for those looking to play bingo first and foremost.

Recommended Bingo Reviews

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Licensing and Fairness

Even though some of the above websites come from different operators, like Cozy Games and Cassava Enterprises, they’re all licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Furthermore, all of the domains we’ve reviewed support responsible gaming, with the team on hand should you need help in limiting the hours you spend gambling.

FAQs About Online Bingo

Is Online Bingo Legal?

Yes. Due to the licensing that bingo websites need to have in place, all trusted bingo websites are legally allowed to provide iGaming services, however some countries have different gambling laws.

What is the Age Requirement for Playing Online Bingo?

Just as with any form of gambling, users have to be 18 years old and living in a country that permits online gambling. Anyone caught attempting to gamble under the age of consent will face legal action.

Where Can I Find Online Bingo Sites?

The easiest way to find online bingo sites is to read online guides, coming from reliable sources who have written about the topic in detail previously. By doing this, you’ll learn all the necessary details of a site before having to commit as a member, thus saving you a lot of hard work.

How Can I Choose the Best Online Bingo Sites?

If you’re ever in doubt about which is the best newly launched site to play with, we’d advise using the guides we mentioned earlier to see the ratings given to such sites; often these sites are visited, and added to, by fans of iGaming, and so the feedback is unbiased and honest.

Can I Get a No Deposit Bonus?

Bingo brands offer a wide array of bonuses, some of which may be no deposit based, e.g. you don’t have to add money to your account in order to receive a reward. That being said, these are quite rare within the online bingo circuit, and so you may be hard pushed to find such a site. Luckily, most bingo sites deliver low deposit bonus thresholds, in that you only need to deposit £5 or more in order to get a hefty bonus landing into your account.

What Are the Differences Between the Bonuses Offered?

A lot of the time, the main difference between bingo bonuses is the rooms in which they work: you may find that one bonus operates inside a 90 ball online hall, whereas another takes place inside a 75 ball base. What is more, differences in times and days of the week are likely to be felt. Don’t fret though, as all the terms of every bonus is listed on bingo sites, and so you’ll always know what you’re agreeing to.

Can I Claim the Bonus Money More than Once?

Unless a bonus specifically states otherwise, you won’t be able to claim a promotion more than once. This is, in part, due to the wagering requirements that come with virtually all bonuses, and so it’s a way of ensuring users don’t take on more than they can manage, and that all users receive a fair experience.

How Do You Make Deposits At Online Bingo Sites?

Banking online couldn’t be simpler: online bingo sites detail all the permitted deposit methods, and how to link them to your bingo account. Typically there’s no banking fees attached when making a deposit, with the vast majority of deposits being processed instantaneously.

How Do I Get My Bingo Winnings?

To release your winnings into your bank, or ewallet, account, you’ll need to not only choose a permitted withdrawal method, but also have met any bonus wagering requirements. If you’ve not bothered with promotions, you won’t have to worry about this issue, however as not taking a promo out is unlikely, you need to be mindful of rollover necessities.

Is Online Bingo Safe?

So long as you play with a trusted bingo label - one that has a license, thorough security, etc - then there’s no reason that your online experience shouldn’t be a safe one. Of course, this also assumes you’ve be careful safety wise as well, by having antivirus software, only using licensed websites, and other sure personal measures.

Can I Play Bingo On My Mobile?


AndroidYes. Nearly all Android powered smartphones allow online gambling, including that of bingo. What is more, now that the app store has updated its settings, users who download applications will be able to play with real money as well. You’ll find it extremely rare that a website isn’t friendly towards Android customers, however there are likely some examples that are an exception, and so it’s wise to do your research well. Look out for the green Android emblem if you wish to know which sites are compatible and which aren’t.


AppleUnlike Android devices, Apple have allowed real cash gambling since the beginning, and so most online users will already know how flexible Apple is. What is more, as Apple is still regarded as the preferred smartphone of choice, it goes without saying that there tends to be more online bingo apps available for IOS than Android. However, that is starting to change, and so there’s not much between the two brands now, at least not in terms of bingo accessibility. If a site supports IOS devices, the Apple logo will be displayed, with gamers usually able to find such details at the bottom of a bingo sites webpage.